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Health in Harmony was created in 2008 as a wellness center where the guests and team members could create long-lasting relationships full of positive communication to achieve the best possible results in Massage Therapy. Each massage is tailored specifically to our guests needs. We have a diversely educated team to ensure a variety of skills and techniques are available. As time went on we had such a great response from the community we added skin care services including facials, waxing, and dermaplaning. We look forward to caring for everyone that comes in! See You Soon!


Q: I have never had a massage before, what should I expect?
A: First time clients will be asked to fill out a New Client Information form. Your therapist will review your form and ask you for more information regarding any pain or symptoms. After a consultation with your therapist, you will undress to your comfort level. During the massage your therapist will check in on the pressure level. Please answer truthfully and let your therapist know if anything is painful or uncomfortable.

Q: Do I need to fully undress?
A:You may undress to your comfort level-whatever that may be. Only the areas being worked on will be exposed at one time. We will then re-cover that area. A nude, undrapped body will not receive treatment. All client's modesties will be maintained.

Q: Can I workout before/after my massage?
A:Yes. In fact, movement after a massage keeps fresh blood flow moving through the tissues that just received treatment.

Q: Will my insurance cover my massage appointment costs?
A:We are a private pay facility. There are some insurance companies that may pay for services- we are happy to provide any receipts needed.

Q: Should I use Ice or Heating packs after my Injury Work massage?
A: Home care varies with each individual. It is best to speak with your therapist about any after care.

Q: Is tipping mandatory?
A: Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated.