What’s on the table:


Three Pack - $30 off when you purchase 3 massages (60min or longer)
Mindful Mondays -  w/ Renee $10 off 60min or more massage
Tantalizing Tuesdays - w/ Jayme $10 off 60min or more massage
Waxing Wednesdays - 10% off body waxing ($25 and up)
Fabulous Fridays - w/ Christy $10 off 60min or more massage
***Flash Specials***
Spa Day
$99 Last Extensions (New Lash Clients Only)

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Open Monday thru Friday Between 9:00 am & 8:00 pm • Saturday Between 9:00 am & 5:00 pm • Sundays  By Appointment Only

300 S. Broadway #155 B Urbana, Illinois 61801

Health In Harmony

Wellness Center

Looking for a Professional Therapeutic Massage and Skincare Wellness Center? 

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